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Each print is approx 8"x8" and made of a heavy weight paper stock to bring out the colors.

Each print has a shop sticker on the back and can be autogrphed if you would like. Comes in a plastic slip sleeve to ensure it is not scratched in transit. 

In photo the print is shown in a 12x12 frame with a matte (not included)


The designs created for the shop are based on ideas voted on by patreon supporters, or inspired from various original ideas, pop culture and media. Art is generally by Misty, Amy, or Meg with guest artists that license their art to the shop as well to give the shop a wide range of styles and help artists that don't work art full time earn extra funds. 


You can support us directly by following at or for only $1 a month get access to DIBS on all new items, one of a kind items, and a voice in what designs happen next! Your support means the world to us and $12 a year may not seem like much but it helps us with our dream on continuing being full time artists. 

Art Print 8"x8" - Fizzarolli Helluva Boss

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