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This is for a custom Funko pop "Death" from Supernatural claimed via DIBS on 

Claim price is $75.00 including a handmade SPN themed box, and figure inside. 

Banked funds discount = -$20.00

Final due plus shipping = $55


text via patreon that dibs was claimed on for Death pop with handmade box:

Hello hello! I'm back from SPNPHX and at 12% Emotional and physical battery and sliding in with a dibs for ya!

I have these 6 finished up, all are availible for $65 with a clear box or $75 with a handmade funko box.
1 of each is available.


  • Garth with Mr. Fizzles
  • Spell casting Rowena
  • Fandom Parks Castiel
  • Jody Mills
  • Death
  • Fandom Parks Dean

How to claim:
Comment with "DIBS " along with which pop you would like.
I'll deduct from banked funds you may have, or send you an invoice via square for the balance due with shipping.

If you aren't the first to claim comment anyway and I'll see if I have additional parts on hand to make an additional one or of the person ahead of you cannot complete the purchase.

After 24hrs from now I'll pack them up to head south with me to Designercon Aneheim. And while I'm there, I'll have another batch of pops to work on for a future dibs as well.

Custom order for Robyn - Patreon

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