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How to use cold laminate!:


Each sheet of this holographic condenced star pattern cold laminate is meant for you to peel and stick onto anything you want to make super sparkly and fab! No heat required so perfect on the go. I've set this supply listing as sold per 5 sheet packs so that you can order as little or as much as you need at a time and each sheet measures approx 8.5" × 11" and each order comes with a approx 4"x3" free sample of another random design to try out!  this specific design is not scratch resistant so using for buttons or other covered items is best application.


each photo shows the design for this listing on different items applied to including customer reviews if availible. The sheets take time to cut as I'm finishing up a large art commission que so i'll be listing quantity as I have them all cut. To keep better control of stock for the time being I'll just have them as 5 packs and later in the year open up for 10 and 20 packs again. 

Stars - 5 Pack Self adhesive holographic vinyl sheets.

  • Holographic film to overlay onto stickers, buttons, prints, photos, etc.