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MEATY box cost is $50 - will contain $100 minimum of items or more.


Each case is based on the size of mystery box you would like to purchase!

Items inside are gathered by retail price and then heavily discounted for your own personal mystery box filled with the fandoms and things you love. 


Inside each box is shop items such as stickers, magnets, shirts, tote bags, hats, earrings, keychains, planners, enamel pins, pinback buttons, journals, collectibles, prints, or anything else we can cram in there to equal a mix of fun themed items based on your choices below. We have a huge range of crafting skills and manufacturing ability to make awesome fan merch. Answering each question does not guarentee one of those items in your box (i.e. tshirts, earrings, etc) it is just to give us as much information as possible so we can build your box with items that will fit what you would like!


The listed themes are NOT the limits. You can pick one if they fit your want, or choose OTHER and detail in the long form text areas.


You must fill out the options requested, this will help us create an awesome box for you. You can get as detailed as the characters will allow. let us know if you like specific favortie colors, characters, items of clothing, types of jewelry, whatever you can think of that will make this a perfect mystery box for you or who you are gifting it to. Be as obscure as you would like we all have SO many fandom loves, favorite colors, favorite animals or snacks that the more information you provide the better! 

MEATY Size Mystery Box

  • Mystery boxes are curated based on the information YOU provide so be as descriptive as you would like. We will pull items based on their retail cost to build your box based on our created crafted items and sometimes officialy licensed items as well depending on your subect choices.