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COME SEE US AT Wasabicon PDX IN Portland, OR, July 27-28 2024 IN the Exhibitor area

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AUGUST 2024 shows!

* 1-4 Star Trek Vegas 

* 16-18 SPN Austin

* 23-25 SPN Indy

* Table layouts will be posted on Patreon if time permits for supporters to claim dibs on table items and any possible convention specials.

Help me grow my Youtube channel of short videos on using craft supplies and DIY projects: Youtube!

We are working on adding items to the shop here, please check out the shop before shopping at one of the third party sites as that ensures more of your support goes directly to the artist that create things.


Want to see something specific on the shop here? Drop us a message! 

misty figs logo with demon.png

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Fall 2024


Dedicated to the weird and wonderful

At Misty Figs, we offer stickers and accessories created with love and care by our small LGBTQIA+ owned and operated team in Portland, Oregon. Our products feature crafted and curated designs from  talented artists and are curated to suit the diverse tastes of our ever growing community. We do not support AI art and other plagiarism software. You are buying from actual artists. 

If there is every a design you would love to see feel free to suggest it below on our contact form and if it's a property we also love we will add it to our arting list!

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